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how to get from Managua to Bluefields

So you landed here because you’re trying to figure out how to get from Managua to Bluefields. I assume you’re about to go to the paradise of the Corn Islands (be it Big or Little Corn Island). Because in Bluefields, there is nothing, but nothing at all… but more on that later.

I made this journey on my own when traveling in Nicaragua. So I’ll give you all my tips.

In this article, I’ll give detailed information on getting from Managua to Bluefields. I made this journey on my own and will explain everything step-by-step, so check it out.

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How To Get From Managua To Bluefields

You can get from Managua to Bluefields either by plane or local bus. If you want to fly, the only airline operating this route is called La Costeña. If you take a bus, you must go to the Maoyreo bus station in Managua (a taxi can drive you there), and it takes 7 hours to get to Bluefields.

So now you know you have 2 options for getting from Managua to Bluefields. Let’s break each option down with costs, departure times, and more information.

Getting To Bluefields By Plane

The first option you have is to fly from Managua. It’s operated by the La Costeña Airline. You can choose between two departure times, 7:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m.

The journey costs around $130 if you buy it less than a month before departure. If you buy it more than one month in advance, it’ll cost you around $100. Check the La Costeña website for exact prices, as they might change.

It takes just 45 minutes by plane from Managua to Bluefields.

But as I mentioned before, I assume you’re going to the Corn Islands. Because who would really want to go to Bluefields :D. Nothing against this place, but there isn’t anything to do. And it’s not the most charming spot, if I’m completely honest.

So, if you want to fly to the Corn Islands, it’s even better for you as you’ll skip Bluefields on the way. The flight from Managua to the Big Corn Island takes 1 hour and 30 minutes and costs around $30 more than to Bluefields.

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Getting To Bluefields By Bus

Getting to Bluefields by bus is a lot of adventure. First, because everybody tells you different information about departure times and prices. Second, because the bus and how people work in Nicaragua are super funny.

There is a direct bus from Managua to Bluefields, which is amazing. It used to be that it only got you to a place called ‘El Rama,’ and you still had to catch a boat to Bluefields. Luckily, it has changed. Now, there is a direct bus from Managua to Bluefields.

The entire bus journey takes about 7 hours and costs 320 Nicaraguan cordobas (approx. $8).

It leaves from the ‘Maoyreo bus station.’ You can get to the Maoyreo station by taxi, as it’s far from the center of Managua.

PRO TIP: If you enter the Maoyreo bus station by car (in a taxi), you have to pay an entrance fee of 20 cordobas. So you can tell the taxi driver to leave you in front of the gate to the bus station to avoid paying this fee. As a passenger, you don’t have to pay the entrance fee.

Bus Departures From Managua To Bluefields

There are different departure times during the day. Check out the photo below for these timings, which I took directly at the Maoyreo bus station.

EXPLANATION: Salida is a Spanish word for departure. On the left side of the photo, you have all departure times to Bluefields. The names after each time are just the names of the buses that run:

bus departures from Managua to Bluefields
Bus departures from Managua to Bluefields
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Can You Book Tickets For The Bus In Advance?

Sometimes, it’s possible to reserve the tickets one day before departure. Go to the counter at Mayoreo station and tell them you want to reserve tickets for the bus to Bluefields. They’ll write your name down in their notebook. You can also pay for the tickets on the day of departure (what I would do rather than pay one day ahead).

You can also come to the station one hour before departure and buy your ticket directly. But there is no guarantee there will still be spots available on the bus.

PRO TIP: I suggest going to the Mayoreo station in the afternoon before and only reserving the tickets. Also, double-check at the counter that the bus is really going and ask additional questions. Then pay for your tickets on the day of your departure.

how to get from Managua to Bluefields Mayoreo station in Managua
Mayoreo Bus Terminal in Managua

How Is The Bus Journey From Managua To Bluefields?

It’s pretty comfortable and fun. We didn’t have any issues on the way. The bus departed Managua on time (we went at 9:15 a.m.). It stops twice on the way. Each time, there is a local restaurant with bathrooms. The food is good, so you don’t have to worry about hunger.

The bus departed on time, exactly at 9:15 a.m. We arrived in Bluefields just after 7 hours, at around 4:15 p.m.

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What To Do Once You Arrive In Bluefields

The bus station in Bluefields is slightly far away from the center. So you’ll have to take a taxi. No stress. Once you arrive, wait for your luggage/backpack; when you have everything, take a taxi. The taxis are reliable in Bluefields.

There will be plenty of taxi drivers right next to the bus waiting. Speak to one and tell him to drive you to your hotel/hostel.

The taxi ride from Bluefields station to the center costs 30 cordobas. Sometimes, the drivers take advantage of tourists not knowing the exact prices, and they can easily ask for 100 cordobas for the ride. This is way too much. Just tell them you know it only costs 30 cordobas.

It’s normal if they put your luggage on top of the car. And it’s also typical that you’ll share a ride with other passengers. So relax and enjoy the ride through Bluefields until your hotel/hostel is on the turn.

how to get from Managua to Bluefields taxi to Bluefields center
Taxi to Bluefields center

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I’ve also answered some frequently asked questions to help you navigate this journey. Check the answers below:

Is There A Bus From Managua To Bluefields?

Yes, there is a direct bus from Managua to Bluefields. It leaves from the Mayoreo station in Managua and takes you directly to Bluefields in 7 hours. The ride costs 320 Cordobas, and the bus stops twice for toilets, snacks, and lunch.

Several buses depart from Managua to Bluefields daily (around 5 buses per day).

How Long Is The Bus From Managua To Bluefields?

The bus ride from Managua to Bluefields takes 7 hours. It’s a journey in a local chicken bus, so prepare for all kinds of situations and people. The bus stops twice for toilets, snacks, and lunch.

Is Bluefields Worth Visiting?

No, Bluefields is honestly not worth visiting. It’s only a gateway to the stunning Corn Islands for many. Bluefields is crazy, not so clean, and some parts can be dangerous at night. However, locals are friendly, so there is nothing to fear during the day.

How To Get To Corn Island From Bluefields?

There is a ferry that departs on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. if the weather is nice. If the weather conditions are bad, the ferry is canceled. Go to the Bluefield port at 6 a.m. to buy your tickets, as it’s often crowded, and the spots are limited.

Is There A Ferry To The Corn Islands?

Yes, there is a ferry to the Corn Islands. It departs from Bluefields every Wednesday and Saturday at 9 a.m. You can buy tickets at the port in Bluefields. I recommend buying them on the day at 6 a.m. as the spots are limited, and many people want to get on that ferry.

WRAP-UP: How To Get From Managua To Bluefields

This is how to get to Bluefields. I hope you’ll arrive safely and enjoy the journey. It’s an adventure taking the bus and more, taking the ferry to the Corn Islands if you want to do so. I’m sure you’ll love it. Use your common sense when getting around to keep you and your stuff safe.

If you have any questions or need a customized travel itinerary, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you.

Happy Travels!

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