Austria Travel

Austria, lying in central Europe, is one of the most charming destinations worldwide. It attracts visitors with its rich history and culture, spectacular mountains, breathtaking views, and crystal-clear lakes. Its natural beauties are a must to see in Europe.

Get my Austria itinerary, inspirations for day trips, an itinerary for Salzburg in 2 days, and a lot more.


Take an Austrian Road Trip Itinerary

With my Austria road trip itinerary, you’ll explore the country’s highlights, taste local wine, visit the Crystal World, and hike in the Austrian mountains. Further, you’ll have fun inside ice caves and cruise on Austrian lakes.


Salzburg Itinerary

Salzburg is the most beautiful city in the country. Take the Salzburg itinerary for 2 days and explore its hidden gems. Then go for a Mozart performance inside the Fortress in the evening or enjoy dinner on the main street.


Day Trips from Salzburg & Travel Guide

However, plan more days for your visit because seeing only Salzburg is not enough. The entire region offers spectacular places. Learn about them in the article about the best day trips from Salzburg. It offers activities for all kinds of interests.

Get my Austria travel guide to gain general information about the country. It’ll reveal to you the most beautiful places you should visit and places to see based on your interest. Transportation is also explained inside the guide. You’ll also learn something about the Austrian economy and the budget you’ll need for your road trip. Finally, get a little food guide with which you can taste the local delicacies.


Explore Austria, its stunning nature, and historical spots. Take advice for local travel in these articles.