Greece Travel

Get my itineraries and travel tips for Greece. You’ll get all the information for your travel in Greece, prices, tips for accommodation, and ways to get around Greece.
Greece is one of the most popular destinations in the Balkans. It is the place from where you can learn a lot about European and world history. The country has a very special vibe and offers a unique cultural experience in every single corner.


Visit the Capital

The capital city of Athens will tell you more about Greek gods, guide you through some of the most historical sites in the country and entire Europe, and takes you to an unforgettable culinary experience. Don’t forget to have dinner while enjoying the traditional Zorba dancing and after, be part of this special Greek dance.


Explore more

Exploring only Athens is not enough. Get my itinerary to discover other beautiful places such as Meteora with its rock monasteries and learn how the monks used to get to their homes on the high rocks. After, go to Thessaloniki and explore more history.
What would be a visit to Greece be without spending some time on its stunning beaches? Visit one or two of its islands and swim in the crystal-clear water of the Ionian Sea. After, do Greek island hopping and enjoy the ride.

This country offers a variety of things, so check out all articles inside and get the best tips for your travel to Greece. Take my itinerary so that you don’t have to plan anything in advance. It has all the information about transportation, places to visit, prices, and accommodation tips for each destination.