Language Resources for your Language Learning

Get various language resources to achieve fluency in your chosen foreign language. Over the past ten years, I’ve had the honour to learn over 4 languages. During my language learning journey, I’ve been using various language resources to improve my language skills.

Now I want to share with you some of the best language resources that will help you get to fluency in your chosen language.


Language Learning Podcasts

If you’re just starting with a new language, the first skill you should train is definitely listening. With listening, you’ll pick up the first words and understand the language. You’ll also learn the structure of the language and its sentences. One of the best ways to improve your listening and learn new vocabulary is by listening to podcasts. I’ve picked up specifically podcasts that talk about languages and are also related to travel.

You’ll learn a lot about everyday life in Spanish-speaking countries, the best travel destinations, and a lot more.


Best Language Learning Apps

If you want to learn new vocabulary, that’s when language learning apps come to play. They help you to learn new vocabulary and memorize it better and easier. Check out what is the best language learning app, how you can use it, and get it for the price of a coffee today.


Language Books

Language Books are some of my favourite language resources. Simply because you train various language skills when reading them. First of all, you learn new vocabulary. Secondly, you improve your general understanding of the language. And finally, books help you express yourself in a much better way that even native speakers will understand. So check out the best language books and choose some of them to read. They are also in various languages.


Language Magazines

Another great way to learn new vocabulary is to use language magazines. Not only are they a great reading source, but they talk about our two main passions: languages and travel. They’ll often give you hints and insights into the country’s culture, gastronomy, and best travel destinations. This way, it gets much easier to remember the vocabulary you want. So pick up some language magazines to learn your language.

These and many more language resources await you in my ‘Language Resources’ section. Check it out and get those that fit your language learning journey the most.