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is French or Spanish more useful in Europe

Is French Or Spanish More Useful In Europe? Answered!

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Many travelers want to pick some words in a foreign language before entering Europe. No doubt, speaking a local language makes your travel experience always much more comfortable and memorable. Do you want to learn French or Spanish, but aren’t sure, which one is better for your European travel? Is French or Spanish more useful in Europe?

This article will reveal the answer for you. So you don’t have to be in doubt anymore and waste time. Start learning the language right away and prepare for your European adventure.



Is French Or Spanish More Useful In Europe?

This is the answer if you’re traveling to Europe and deciding whether you want to learn French or Spanish. French is more useful in Europe than Spanish. Why? Simply because you can use French in more European countries than Spanish. So if you want to learn one of these languages for your European adventure, start learning French.



Where In Europe Can You Use French?

French is spoken in 2 European countries: France and Switzerland.

You can speak French in France, which is the most visited destination in Europe. France is also a huge country. So you can see many exciting places from Paris, the capital, to the Pyrenees mountains in the south, or the beautiful French Riviera, a vacation paradise for many Europeans.

Yet, there is one more country where you can speak French, Switzerland. Switzerland is, for me, the most beautiful European country in terms of nature and the environment.

It has 4 official languages: French, German, Italian, and Romansh.

French is the official language in the French part of Switzerland, which is close to France. You barely hear any other language in this part of Switzerland. You can explore Geneva, Geneva Lake, Lausanne, Fribourg, the cheese-making paradise of Gruyere, Montreux, and even Zermatt still speaks French.

Even though other parts of Switzerland speak more German or Italian, locals still speak French. So you’ll be able to use French in the entire country.

Okay, it’s not in Europe, but… if you want to travel from Spain to Morocco and explore Morocco, French is an official language there, too.



Where In Europe Can You Use Spanish?

In Europe, you can speak Spanish only in Spain. There is no other country that uses Spanish as a native language. Of course, you can meet Spanish-speaking people even if you travel to other European countries. But Europe speaks Spanish really just in Spain.

However, if you want to explore Spain and nothing else in Europe, it’s a no-brainer for you to start learning Spanish language. Spain offers everything from stunning nature to beautiful and vibrant cities, delicious cuisine, interesting history, and crazy culture.

You can also spend one month walking the ‘Camino de Santiago.’ It’s one of the most famous pilgrimage places in Europe. I’ve done it 3 times and can only recommend it.



Are You Still Unsure Whether To Learn French Or Spanish?

After all, it depends only on what you want to visit in Europe and how you want to spend your time.

If you’re visiting more countries, French is more useful in Europe. Especially if France and Switzerland are on your travel list.

If you only want to visit Spain, learn Spanish.

Overall, you’ll use more French in Europe than Spanish language.

is French or Spanish more useful in Europe
Is French or Spanish more useful in Europe? French is omre useful in Europe because it’s an official language in 2 European countries



How To Learn French For Traveling Europe

I help people learn languages for travel here on my site. Speaking languages (even just a few words) makes your travel experience more memorable and comfortable. You feel more confident, can see more places, connect to locals, and learn more things if you speak a word of any foreign language.

If this article convinced you to learn French for your next European adventure, I have something for you.

I’ve developed my personal method for learning languages. Follow it in my article about how to learn a language for travel in 7 steps.

You’ll also find a simpler explanation of my language learning method in the best way to learn French for travel. This will help you to kick off your French learning journey, so check it out.


Best Way To Learn French For Travel



French Learning Resources

If you want to boost your French language skills, you can use several resources. I highly recommend listening to audiobooks and language podcasts and even reading books and magazines.

Check out the best French audiobooks for beginners. Or learn French using the best language learning magazines. Also, check out my article about the best foreign language books if you like reading in French. These French resources will help you stay connected and improve your French skills.

Finally, get one of the best French language apps for travel. With one of them, you can watch TV shows and movies while learning French.



More Tips For Language Learning & Europe Travel

French is more useful in Europe than Spanish if you’re traveling to Europe. So I recommend you start learning French.

If you want to learn French while watching your favorite TV shows and movies, get Lingopie. It’s my favorite language app, where you can watch French movies. You don’t even know how, but by watching what you love, more French vocabulary will jump into your head.



If you decide to travel to Switzerland and use up your French skills, get my 8-day Switzerland itinerary. It’ll show you the highlights of this country. Also, take advantage of the Swiss panoramic trains. You’ll love them.

Head to the south of France, one of my favorite European regions. Check out my south of France itinerary for 14 days to explore the best places. Or travel to French Riviera with my French Riviera road trip itinerary for 7 days. You can use your French skills during these trips. Believe me, it’ll be super satisfying.

Start learning French now, and then pick some of my French itineraries to travel and practice your French skills during your European adventure.

Happy Travels & French Learning!




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