Best Spanish Language Magazines: Learn Spanish With Magazines

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Magazines are one of my favorite resources to learn a Spanish. Why? Well, because they combine our passions. For me it’s travel, culture, and language. For you it’ll be things you’re interested in and the Spanish language. They focus on the language itself.  The texts are written in a simple language suitable for beginner learners. They also give you extra features like vocabulary windows with specific vocabulary from the text and make you understand it and learn it. They also contain some comprehension exercises so that you can double-check whether you’ve understood the articles.

This article will present you with the 9 best Spanish language magazines, both physical and online magazines. Before jumping into our list, I would like to tell you why magazines are so beneficial and how we can learn a language with them.



List Of The Top 9 Spanish Language Magazines

  1. Read & Think Spanish
  2. Vamos Magazine
  3. Chicos Magazine
  4. Muchachos Magazine
  5. VeinteMundos
  6. Rutas Del Mundo
  7. Viajar
  8. Travel + Leisure
  9. Food & Wine En Español



Benefits Of Learning Spanish With Magazines

Spanish language magazines are very benefitial for us because they talk about interesting topics. You can learn a lot of vocabulary without even noticing it. They contain many cool features that will make you learn the language. And what is the best part of it all? You’ll be reading about travel, interesting culture, traditions of the places, and things that interest you. You’ll get excited about your travels to that country, which will boost your language learning process.

Below, I am listing the most relevant benefits of Spanish language magazines:

  • talk about things that interest us
  • teach you a lot of Spanish vocabulary naturally
  • great features to boost your learning
  • comprehension exercises
  • exercises to practice vocabulary from the texts



How To Learn Spanish With Magazines?

There are several ways for learning Spanish with these magazines. Just get creative.

You can take a highlighter and mark words you want to learn. Translate the vocabulary you highlighted. Then come back to the text another day, and reread it, trying to understand those highlighted words in a context. After, you can record yourself reading the text and listen to it another day.

You can make vocabulary walls out of texts inside magazines. Cut interesting parts, language windows, or small texts from which you want to learn vocabulary, and put them on your wall. Or you can take a notebook and glue those magazine parts into it.

And you can also create flashcards with images. Let’s say there is a cool image of a building or something that you like. Cut this image, write a separate word related to that image, and play a pexeso with it.

Here is a summary for how to learn Spanish with these Spanish magazines:

  • mark words you want to learn with a highlighter
  • record yourself reading a text from the magazines and listen to it
  • make vocabulary walls
  • cut pictures from a magazine and glue them into your language notebook, then describe them in Spanish
  • create flashcards



Find Physical & Online Spanish Language Magazines

In this article, I’ve picked various Spanish language magazines, including physical and online ones. Many of them focus on travel and Spanish-speaking countries and will introduce you to the best spots of the countries,. So get some inspiration for your travels. More importantly, they’ll encourage you to learn the Spanish language.

First of all, I have 4 amazing physical magazines  that are specifically designed for language learners who want to learn Spanish. You’ll learn a lot about Spanish-speaking countries and the language itself. With these magazines, you can learn Spanish using the methods I described above.

In the second part of this article, you’ll find some online Spanish language magazines. These aren’t specifically designed to learn the language. They’ll serve you as an extra learning and reading source. Most of them focus on travel, Spanish countries, their culture, food, and traditions. 



Physical Spanish Language Magazines



Read & Think Spanish is the best language magazine to actually learn Spanish. They also include audio so that you can be reading and, at the same time, listening to the recorded audio.

Not only will you be able to learn a lot of Spanish by reading it and listening to its audio, but you’ll also get to know so much about Spanish-speaking countries. For instance, you will read about Patagonia, natural wonders, Spanish traditions, typical music, history and tradition of tobacco production in Latin America, and much more.

It’s an excellent resource because you are reading about something you are passionate about. At the same time, you are learning Spanish and improving your language skills. Isn’t it amazing?

You can get Read & Think Spanish as a physical magazine. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have any pictures. It only has plain text. Nevertheless, you’ll learn a lot. For flashcards and audio, download the ‘Language Lab App’ for free. It includes more exercises to work with the magazine.






Vamos magazine will give you a great insight into the Spanish language and countries where it’sspoken if you’re a beginner learner. It’ll give you a perfect introduction to the Spanish language, talking about current Latin America and Spain events. It also talks about the culture and traditions of these countries, famous personalities, and places you should visit. Besides, it comes with large photo illustrations, posters, and illustrated vocabulary to help you learn new Spanish words easier.

The magazines give you a lot of vocabulary, helps you to learn basic grammar, and understand the structure of the Spanish language.

In addition, you can get Audio recordings for the texts, which I highly recommend. So you won’t only read but also listen to the texts, which will boost your understanding.

The magazine is supplied by the ‘Foreign Language Store’. You’ll pay a one-time fee for the entire year. After, they’ll ship 5 editions of the magazines during this year. The audio recordings cost 15$ extra per year. Shipping is already included in the price.

If you’re a Spanish learning beginner, I recommend starting with this magazine. It’ll give you a basic understanding of the language with helpful illustrations. 






Chicos magazine has the same features as Vamos magazine. But this is more for intermediate Spanish learners. If you already have some basic understanding of the Spanish language, go for the Chicos magazine.

This magazine will take you to Spanish-speaking countries. It talks about current events, places to visit, the culture and traditions of these countries, and famous personalities. It also includes illustrated vocabulary with nouns and adjectives and grammar windows to help you understand the language.

You can also buy audio recordings to listen to the texts on your way to work or school.
Chicos magazine also includes many comprehension exercises and activities, with which you’ll practice Spanish and double-check whether you’ve understood the articles.

You’ll pay a one-time fee for the entire year. After that, the magazine editions will be shipped to you 5 times per year. Shipping is included in the price.






If you’re an intermediate Spanish learner looking for a challenge, go for Muchachos magazine. As with the magazines above, you’ll read interesting texts about Spanish-speaking countries’ culture, traditions, and current events. You’ll also read about curiosities and famous personalities from the Spanish-speaking world.

This magazine has great photos and illustrated vocabulary with which you can work. Cut images and create flashcards for yourself. After reading each text, go through the comprehension exercises and see if you’ve understood the main message.

You can also get audio recordings for the texts, which I highly recommend. First, you can read the text and learn new vocabulary from it. After reading, listen to the audio recording and get even more familiar with the vocabulary and its meaning.

There are 5 editions of these magazines shipped throughout the year. You’ll also pay a one-time fee, and they’ll ship them to you regularly. Shipping is already included in the price.





Online Spanish Language Magazines


VeinteMundos is an online language magazine created by Lingue Editions.


They have up-to-date articles that you can read online on their web page. It also focuses on culture and travel in Spanish-speaking countries. And, of course, language features are not missing.

You’ll get a multimedia component with audio, exercises for reading comprehension, and grammar spotlights.

One of the best parts is that it also has a selected vocabulary from texts they recommend to pay attention to and learn. These words are once more written in a separate section or column. So it automatically calls the action for you to learn new vocabulary.

VeineMundos as an online magazine is free ?. It’s suitable for all Spanish levels, from beginners to advanced learners.


I want VeinteMundos magazine





Get travel and cultural magazines such as Rutas del Mundo in Spanish. Rutas del Mundo features interesting stories and fascinating places around the world. It’s specifically designed for travel enthusiasts. 

You’ll now only get to explore the Spanish-speaking world, but you’ll be reading in Spanish about the entire world. There are countries you maybe haven’t even heard of yet.

Magzter is a digital magazine newsstand. You’ll pay a one-time fee for an annual subscription.

They have various articles – just type in the name of the magazine you want, choose the language, and get it. They publish an issue every month. Additionally, you can share your subscription/issues with the other 4 family members. As with the following magazines, you can unsubscribe at any time if you feel like you do not want to read the magazine anymore.

The magazine is suitable for intermediate or advanced Spanish learners.


I want RUTAS DEL MUNDO magazine




Viajar is the first Spanish magazine, which offers you every month


the most spectacular places in Spain and other parts of the world. Each issue has a particular theme and is dedicated to the unique features of a country. It contains great reports about countries and their unique and spectacular places with up-to-date information.

Many tourism professionals get inspiration from this magazine. You can also get inspiration for your own travels.

Some great issues include the most magical villages of Spain, the best destinations to visit in 2022, the magical Spain, romantic Europe, special summer in Spain, quick trips for autumn, and much more.

You can subscribe through Magzter to it and pay for an annual subscription. Additionally, you’ll also get access to other publications that were issued in the past years. You can also share the subscription with other 4 family members.

The magazine is suitable for intermediate or advanced Spanish learners.


I want VIAJAR magazine




Travel + Leisure magazine reports about specific countries.


You can get Travel + Leisure Mexico, Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, Guatemala, or the Caribbean. They will show you every part of the country, including landscape, nature, culture, history, food, architecture, traditions, best places to see, and things to do.

You can get inspiration for your travels and, at the same time, of course, learn Spanish with these editions.

They also have ‘special places editions’ like the issue about best romantic beaches, best hotels in a destination, cuisine and food, coffee, road trip ideas, shopping, and also write about other non-Spanish speaking countries and cities like Iceland, Croatia, Canada, New York, Singapore, and many more.

Get it through Magzter for a year of subscription. The magazine is suitable for intermediate or advanced Spanish learners.


I want TRAVEL + LEISURE magazine




Last but not least, I have a language magazine for foodies and wine lovers.


Food & Wine en Español is a magazine combining the gastronomic and travel world. It provides you with a lot of content about culinary experience combined with travel, luxury, and various world destinations.

As with other magazines, you can also get a yearly subscription through Magzter. You can also buy a single magazine.

The magazine is suitable for intermediate or advanced Spanish learners.


I want FOOD & WINE EN ESPAÑOL magazine



Which Spanish Magazines Should You Get?

What I would recommend you is to get the Read & Think Spanish magazine or Vamos magazine. These magazines specialize in travel, culture, and specifically in the language. They focus on the Spanish language, and you’ll get a lot out of it as it is also written in an easy language for beginners. Its comprehension exercises and activities will make you learn a lot from the Spanish language.


As for the other magazines, I would suggest you buy one issue of the magazine, which has a topic you are interested in. It’ll be an additional source of reading for you. It’ll motivate you to read it because you will be genuinely interested in the topics and things the magazine features. Take it as a supplement for your learning.


I hope those language magazines will also become resources and ways you will learn Spanish. You can also get these magazines in different languages. These are the top 9 Spanish learning magazines that will encourage you to learn Spanish. Enjoy ?.



More Resources To Learn Spanish

To get more resources, check out my language resources section. If you like to read more in the Spanish language, get some of the top 9 Spanish books for beginners.

Check out my Spanish section for more inspiration to learn Spanish. You’ll find the best Spanish podcasts for beginners to listen to and great Spanish Youtube videos to boost your Spanish skills.

To boost your language learning, get my 8 language learning tips that will encourage you on your journey. To work on other language skills besides reading, check out my article about the most important skill of language learning

On my website, I focus on beginners who want to learn languages. I’ve developed my own language learning method. You can check out the method and learn Spanish following each step in a separate article. If you don’t know where to start, get my list of the 100 essential words and phrases to start learning Spanish.


Let me know how your Spanish learning is going and which Spanish language magazines you chose from this list. Happy learning!



Speak Spanish On Your Trip

I’ve designed a few Spanish sheets for you to kick off your Spanish learning. Remember, the most important thing is to set small goals when learning Spanish. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Instead, learn the language step-by-step in topics. These Spanish sheets will help you with it.

Get an exact dialogue for how to order food and drinks in Spanish. Learn the basics and speak Spanish when visiting Spanish-speaking countries. Get the Spanish dialogue for free below.

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