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8 Best Spanish Audiobooks For Beginners: With Benefits

This article about the best Spanish audiobooks for beginners may contain affiliate/compensated links. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. So why not make it even easier and more exciting? Audiobooks are one of the best tools that significantly improve our experience of learning Spanish. It will help us get the pronunciation right from the beginning, effectively learn new words, and have fun listening to exciting stories. This is what the best Spanish audiobooks for beginners are all about.

To make your Spanish learning easier and funnier, I’ve put together a list of the best Spanish audiobooks for you if you’re just starting learning Spanish. So let’s get into it.



List Of The Best Spanish Audiobooks For Beginners

Here is a list of the best Spanish audiobooks for beginners. I’ve ranked them from the easiest to understand for beginners to the more advanced ones that’ll take you to the intermediate level:

  1. 101 Conversations in Simple Spanish
  2. Short Stories Spanish
  3. Spanish Short Stories for Beginners: Volume 1.
  4. Spanish Short Stories for Beginners: Volume 2.
  5. Spanish Short Stories for Beginners: Volume 3.
  6. Conversational Spanish Dialogues
  7. Learn Spanish for Adult Beginners
  8. 30-Day Mastery: 101 Essential Spanish Verbs



Why Are Audiobooks Beneficial For Language Learners?

Before we jump into the actual list, I want you to reflect on why audiobooks are great for language learning and how we can benefit from them. So here are a few reasons why you should learn Spanish with audiobooks, especially at the beginning of your language learning journey.

  • help you to get familiar with the language and its pronunciation right from the start
  • teach you how to pronounce words correctly
  • ability to listen (and learn the language) to them when commuting to work or school
  • you can learn a language while doing other activities (cleaning the house, doing sports)
  • help you to memorize new vocabulary more effectively
  • make you more excited about language learning


have fun learning a language for travel
Me listening to Spanish audiobook when going to a supermarket in Switzerland



How To Learn Spanish With Audiobooks Effectivelly?

To be effective in learning Spanish, it is also important to know how to work with audiobooks and learn Spanish. Check out the best method for learning Spanish with these audiobooks. I use it myself, and it significantly helps me on my language learning journey.

  1. Listen to 1 section of the audiobook
  2. Listen to it again and try to catch a few words and meaning of the story
  3. Get a printed version of the audiobook
  4. Highlight words you want to learn from the section
  5. Translate the words you want to learn
  6. Read the section once again and try to understand the whole context
  7. Listen to the audiobook over and over until you understand it very well


Quick Guide for Learning Spanish With Audiobooks

Let’s break each step down for you to get the most out of Spanish audiobooks.

First of all, listen to only one section of the audiobook for 10 to 15 minutes. After, listen to it once again and see if you can grasp anything, catch a few words that might be similar in your native language. See if you can understand anything.

It is always important to work with a printed version of the audiobook. So the next step is to get the printed version. After, read the small section and highlights words you want to remember. Then write these words down into your language notebook and translate them to your native language.

After, read the text again and see if you understand it better. Then, reread it until you understand the whole context of it.


Use My Method to Learn Spanish With Audiobooks

In the end, listen to the section of the audiobook repeatedly until you feel confident with it. Once you have the feeling, you understand the section, move on to the next one.

What I also do is that I listen to only 1 sentence. After, I stop the audiobook and repeat the sentence aloud on my own. This not only helps me to practice the pronunciation of words as a beginner but also helps me to memorize new vocabulary. It helps a lot, so try it out.


Check out my article about how to learn vocabulary fast and effectively. It will give you great tips on learning vocabulary effectively and in a fun way as a beginner.


Important Note & Advice For You

*Note that these audiobooks are great for beginners (A2 level). If you’re an absolute beginner and don’t know a word in Spanish, I highly recommend you first go through the basic topics. This article will give you an overview of what to learn in a new language as a beginner. It will give you the foundation for your Spanish learning. Once you go through these basic topics, you can start listening to audiobooks. It will eliminate possible frustration on your language journey.



Awesome, now that you know how to effectively work with audiobooks, let’s head to our list of the best Spanish audiobooks for beginners. I’ve ranked them from the easiest for beginners to the more advanced ones that will take your Spanish skill to the next level.



1. 101 Conversations in Simple Spanish

The first one on our list is these wonderful 101 conversations written in simple Spanish. This book is great to start with as a beginner. You’ll learn the basic phrases, expressions, and sentences you would hear on the street in Spain. The audiobook uses everyday vocabulary and short dialogues to make it easier to understand as a beginner. Next, you’ll learn words to use in typical daily situations such as shopping, in a café, going out, meetings friends, or making arrangements.

Each conversation has only about 150 words to make it easier for you to process it. All in all, you’ll learn over 15,000 Spanish words from these conversations. They use typical Castillian Spanish you would hear in Spain. But all dialogues use ‘neutral’ Spanish, so you’ll be able to communicate with it even in Latin American countries.

Every chapter also comes with a list of words translated to English. So you won’t have to distract yourself from looking up every word in a separate dictionary. In the end, you’ll also get a plot summary, which will make it easier for you to navigate through the story.

Oly Richards, the author of the original book, has done a great job here getting beginners closer to the real Spanish language. He uses the perfect vocabulary and phrases you will need to sound like a Spaniard.



2. Short Stories Spanish

Once you read the 101 conversations in Simple Spanish that will give you the basics, continue listening to interesting stories. Short Stories Spanish will take you from the occasional frustration of learning a new language and take you to the story.

This audiobook includes 8 stories written in various genres. Some are historical, thrillers, romantic, action-based, science fiction, and some fantasy. They all contain 1000 most common Spanish words that’ll take your beginner Spanish level onto the next one. You’ll have so much fun with these stories, which will make you even forget that you’re actually learning a language. It’ll also help you to learn basic grammar.

Each story also comes with a bilingual list of words and a full plot summary. You’ll also get comprehensive questions to double-check whether you’ve understood the story correctly.
Short Stories Spanish will make your learning process a lot more enjoyable.



Series Of Short Stories Spanish: 3 Volumes

One of the biggest advantages of audiobook series is that you’ll get used to the language and the way they’re structured. This will make it a lot easier for you to learn Spanish. In addition, you’ll know what to expect from the audiobooks. It will also save you some time since you won’t have to decide which audiobook you should listen to as the next one. Yet, another edition from the Series of Short Stories will be waiting for you.

Now I have 3 audiobooks in the series of Short Stories Spanish. Each edition includes 10 easy-to-understand stories, which are fun and engaging. I love these audiobooks because they’ll wrap up the basic topics that you should go through as a complete beginner Spanish learner. Each story focuses on one part of the Spanish language, such as verbs, adjectives, giving directions, family, and other basic topics you need to learn as a beginner. The stories are written in dialogues.

You can choose one audiobook or go through them from volume 1 to volume 3. Here is a list of all 3 editions within these series. As I said, I love audiobook series as they normally cover a wide range of topics and assure you that you learn all the basics from the language.


3. Spanish Short Stories For Beginners: Volume 1

4. Spanish Short Stories For Beginners: Volume 2

5. Spanish Short Stories For Beginners: Volume 3



6. Conversational Spanish Dialogues

Another great audiobook, but written in a slightly different way. If you’ve already learned the basics and want to challenge yourself with handling everyday life issues in the Spanish language, go for this audiobook. Apart from the other audiobooks, Conversational Spanish Dialogues focuses on dialogues, where two people solve a typical problem in real life. These circumstances are the typical ones you handle in your everyday life, such as going to the doctor, finding a job, getting a residence card, etc. So once you’ve gone through the previous audiobooks and want to start practicing Spanish as you would speak in life in Spain, go for this audiobook.

The audiobook includes 100 Spanish dialogues. Each of them also comes with an English translation for you to double-check if you understand it correctly. This book will help you to overcome your fear of speaking Spanish. You’ll finally get out of your comfort zone and prepare yourself to face everyday life in Spanish-speaking countries.



7. Learn Spanish For Adult Beginners

I recommend choosing this audiobook if you’re ready to take your Spanish to the next level. It will help you to go from the beginner to the intermediate level. Its engaging stories will take you to everyday situations you face as an adult. These are, for example, shopping, business, finding a job, social media, or meeting new people. It is filled with phrases you’ll need not only as a traveler in Spanish-speaking countries but also as an expat.

The audiobook will also help you further with some Spanish grammar structures and advanced vocabulary.

I recommend you stick to one story per day. Follow my method for learning Spanish with audiobooks on the first day. On the second day, double-check whether you can remember all new words and listen to the story repeatedly. After, jump onto the next story. Dedicate two days for each story.



8. 30-Day Mastery: 101 Essential Spanish Verbs

Last but not least, I have something for you if you still struggle with Spanish verbs. This audiobook will help you to finally jump from the beginner to the intermediate level if verbs are those who are holding you back. This 30-Day Mastery with 101 Essential Spanish Verbs will ensure you know the basic regular and irregular Spanish verbs. Verbs are especially important to learn and understand as a beginner because they are the pillars of each sentence. You can create action in your speech if you know how to use them right. Without verbs, it is difficult to speak Spanish.

That’s why I love this audiobook, as it will help you to only focus on verbs. It will help you to understand how to use Spanish verbs and get used to their conjugation. It will make it much easier for you to get familiar with the most common verbs.

The story is told from the perspective of an American girl living in Barcelona. She is trying to solve the mystery of La Luna Roja, a painting by one Spanish artist.

Each chapter includes only around 300 words to make it easier for you to process the stories. It also comes with a detailed language overview to help you understand the more difficult verbs. What I love is its short practice so that you can practice Spanish verbs as you go. And it also includes a bilingual word list to double-check words whenever you need.



These are the 8 best Spanish audiobooks for beginners. They’ll definitely help you make the jump from the beginner to the intermediate level. As I said, they’re ranked from the easiest ones for beginners to the more difficult ones. Start with 101 Conversations as it will teach the basic vocabulary in simple dialogues. After, incorporate some engaging short stories. And once you feel more confident in Spanish, I highly recommend going for the 30-Day Mastery and diving deep into the most common Spanish verbs. It is your gate to Spanish fluency and confidence.



Get Audible For Spanish Audiobooks

I’ve been using Audible for listening to audiobooks for over a year now. It’s one of the best audiobook platforms with thousands of choices.

If you want to try my method of learning the Spanish language using one of these audiobooks, sign up today for free. You’ll get 1 month of a free trialincluding 1 free Spanish audiobook.

So check it out; it’s completely free.


Get 1 Month Trial + 1 Free Spanish Audiobooks



More Tips On Spanish Learning

Listening is one of the most important language skills, especially at the beginning of our language journey. It helps us to make the first contact with the language and helps us with pronunciation. Therefore, I always recommend my students start with listening as soon as possible.


Start Reading Books & Magazines

After, you can incorporate more language resources. Start reading to keep up with the vocabulary you’ve learned and also add new words. Choose some of the best foreign language books in Spanish. Or go for Spanish language magazines to have fun learning the language. Magazines are my favorite material since you can play a lot with them. You can cut images and texts, create flashcards or vocabulary walls. You can play pexeso with them. It’s a lot of fun to learn Spanish with magazines. Check out my strategy on how to do so in the article.


Get Spanish Language App & Learn Spanish On Youtube

Get the best Spanish language app to keep up with the language if you’re too busy. Or choose some podcasts to learn Spanish as you go (I recommend CoffeeBreak Spanish). Another great thing is to learn Spanish on Youtube. I’ve picked up some amazing channels and videos for beginners. So if you don’t feel like reading or listening, watch these Youtube videos to complete a dose of your daily Spanish learning. Don’t forget to practice speaking after all.


Go to my language blog for more inspiration on language learning. Check out my Spanish language section and choose more resources to boost your Spanish skills.

I wish you happy learning with the best Spanish audiobooks for beginners. Remember that the most important thing is to have fun when learning Spanish. So choose resources that will help you to enjoy your learning process.


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