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is portugal in spain

Are you confused about whether Portugal is in Spain and what these countries have in common? Or are they the same? Well, let me clarify everything in this article for you.

I lived in Spain for over 2 years and traveled a lot through the entire country. Besides, I traveled to Portugal and did the famous Camino de Portuguese, a 14-day long walk on foot via Portugal and Spain.

With that said, I’ve gained a great understanding of these two countries and would like to answer all your questions. So let’s get into it.

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Is Portugal In Spain? Answered!

No, Portugal and Spain are separate and independent countries. Portugal isn’t in Spain. It only borders Spain.

The one thing these countries share regarding location is that they are on the same peninsula, the Iberian Peninsula.

Is Portugal In Spain Or Europe?

Portugal is in Europe, not in Spain. Portugal is a country located in Europe and borders Spain. It’s situated on the Iberian Peninsula, together with Spain.

Are Spain And Portugal The Same?

No, Spain and Portugal aren’t the same. They’re independent countries, and each of them is different. They speak a different language, their population differs, and each has a diverse culture and food.

Is Portugal Counted As A Spanish Area?

No, Portugal is an independent country. It only borders Spain. These countries are the only two countries located on the Iberian Peninsula. So that’s the area they share.

is portugal in spain flags
Spanish (left) & Portuguese (right) flags

Did Portugal Belong To Spain In The Past?

Yes, Portugal was part of Spain in the past. It was under Spanish dominance between 1580 and 1640 when a Spanish army invaded Portugal near Lisbon in 1580.

Portugal And Spain Rivalry History

I’ve created a summary of the history between Portugal and Spain. So we can understand how these two countries evolved and whether they were one country in the past.

So here is a brief history section for you.

Hispania In The Roman Times

Initially, during the Roman Times, Spain and Portugal (the entire Iberian Peninsula) were one territory known as the Hispania.

After the dissolution of the Roman Empire, the Islamic movement started to spread, and one of the Muslim Generals came to Hispania (Gibraltar) and started to conquer it.

A large Muslim community spread across the peninsula from what was called Al-Andalus (southern Spain, nowadays Andalusia).

Spain itinerary 14 days Alhambra Granada
Alhambra Granada

Kingdom Of Portugal

Only in 1128 Portugal Kingdom was created in what is today northern Portugal. It was thanks to Alfonso Henriquez, who claimed to be Portugal’s King.

Portugal was recognized as a country in 1248, when they conquered the Muslims and gained their southern territory.

2 Spanish Kingdoms

Conversely, Spain was still a union of many kingdoms and separate territories like Leon, Pamplona, and Aragon.

Later, in the 1400s, Spain consisted of two major Spanish Kingdoms: the Kingdom of Castille and the Kingdom of Aragon.

The Kingdom of Castille managed to reconquest its southern territory (Al-Andalus) and defeat Muslims only in 1492.

Iberian Union – When Portugal Was Part Of Spain

In 1581, Phillip of Spain became King, and he was the person who wanted to unite Spain and Portugal to what would be called the ‘Iberian Union’.

He managed to conquer Portugal, which was the only time Portugal belonged to Spain, between 1580 and 1640.

Independent Portugal & Spain

After 1640, the Portuguese fought back and gained their independence again. Spain attacked Portugal more times but didn’t manage to conquer it anymore. And ever since, Portugal has enjoyed its independence from Spain.

In 1876, a constitution recognized Spain as a united country for the first time. And it’s been Spain ever since until nowadays.

👉 Learn more about the history and battles in this amazing video.

What Is The Relationship Between Portugal And Spain Today

Nowadays, Spain and Portugal have a great relationship and are partners in many ways.

Spain is a main partner for Portugal, and Portugal is a great economic and investment part of Spain. They admire and respect each other’s successes and help each other in many ways.

What Is Spain And Portugal Together Called?

Spain and Portugal are located on the Iberian Peninsula. They’re two separate countries.

In the past, they used to be called Hispania during the Roman Times. They were also called the Iberian Union when Spain conquered Portugal in 1580.

But today, they don’t have a common name. It’s simply Portugal and Spain, two independent countries.

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Where Is Portugal?

Portugal is located in southern Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula. The only country that it borders is Spain. On the western side, it’s surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

is portugal in spain map of portugal
Map of Portugal

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What Currency Is Used In Portugal?

Spain and Portugal have the same official currency, which is the EURO.

Portugal had escudo as its official currency until 2002 when it adopted EURO.

What Language Is Spoken In Portugal?

The official language of Portugal is Portuguese. Portugal colonized Brazil in the past, so Brazil also has Portuguese as its official language.

Portuguese and Spanish have a few things in common. Locals from Spain and Portugal say they can understand each other a bit. The Portuguese people understand the Spanish more than the Spanish understand the Portuguese, according to my friend.

I speak Spanish, and from my perspective, when listening to Portuguese people talking, the languages have some similarities, and I can catch a few words. But I still need help understanding Portuguese when I speak Spanish.

Do They Speak English In Portugal?

Yes, they do speak English in Portugal. People in most cities like Lisbon, Porto, Fatima, the southern coast of the Algarve and its beautiful beaches speak English very well.

If you go to remote towns and villages in Portugal, the population doesn’t speak much English. But it’s fun; you can communicate using your arms. It’s possible.

What Population Does Portugal Have?

As of now, the population in Portugal is over 10 million. Most of the population live in big cities like Lisbon and Porto as they have more opportunities for work, study, and better activities and nightlife there.

best Algarve beaches Praia do Calvarho Portugal
Praia do Calvarho

Where Is Spain?

Spain is situated in southern Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula. It borders Portugal on the west and France in the northeast, which is divided by the Pyrenees mountains.

The Atlantic Ocean surrounds the northern part of Spain. The southern part of Spain is close to Morocco, Africa, divided by the Strait of Gibraltar.

how far is morocco from spain location spain map
Spain – Map

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What Currency Is Used In Spain?

Portugal and Spain have the same official currency, which is the EURO.

Spain used a currency called ‘peseta’ until it adopted EURO in 2002.

What Language Is Spoken In Spain?

The official language of Spain is Spanish. Since Spain colonized many countries in Latin America, Spanish is also the official language of Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and many Central American countries.

Spanish is slightly different from Latin Spanish, but only in some words and accents.

Do They Speak English In Spain?

Yes, people speak English in Spain. The majority of the population speaks English. Only older adults and those living in remote areas and tiny villages don’t speak English.

But you can always communicate with your arms. Yet, people in all the touristy areas speak English.

What Population Does Spain Have?

As of now, the population of Spain is over 47 million. As with Portugal, most people live in major towns or close to them as they have better opportunities and more work options there.

What City In Spain Is Closest To Portugal?

Badajos is the Spanish closest city to Portugal. It’s only 6 km/3.7 miles from the Portuguese border, which is approx. a 10-minute drive.

Barcelona itinerary 3 days my experience living and working in Barcelona
My experience living and working in Barcelona – hanging out with my roommate

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To help you understand the location of Portugal and Spain even better, I’ve also answered some of the frequently asked questions. Check the answers below.

When Did The Portuguese Split From The Spanish?

The Portuguese split from the Spanish in 1640, when Portugal regained its territory. The Iberian Union was dissolved, and Portugal became an independent country again.

Did Spain Once Own Portugal?

Yes, Spain owned Portugal for 60 years under the rule of Phillip of Spain. It was between 1580 and 1640. After, Portugal managed to conquer Spain and gained its territory back.

What Country Does Portugal Belong To?

Portugal doesn’t belong to any country. It’s an independent country. It was part of Spain in the past, and together, they were called the Iberian Union. But it was only for 60 years. Since 1640, it’s been an independent country.

Is Lisbon In Spain Or Portugal?

Lisbon is in Portugal. It’s the capital city of Portugal.

WRAP-UP: Is Spain In Portugal?

This is my ultimate guide for you about the territory of Spain and Portugal. It’ll give you a good understanding of these two countries. Both are worth visiting and are unique in a way.

As you can see, they were independent of each other for most of the time, except for the 60 years between 1580 and 1640, when Spain conquered Portugal, and they were called the Iberian Union. But ever since they’ve been separate countries, it remains so nowadays.

If you have any questions or need a customized travel itinerary, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you.

Happy Learning & Travels!

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